Enviromental Services Offered

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Soil Disposal and Remediation
Our core mission is to give the generator of non-hazardous petroleum impacted soil an alternative disposal method other than solid waste landfilling. We accept contaminated soil and recondition this soil using natural remediation processes.

Site Modeling

AAA Landfarms Inc. conducts analyses and assessments of each site in order to provide the most accurate representation of the extent of contamination. Modeling helps identify the most probable treatment areas maximizing project efficiency and lowering costs.

Project Management
We can provide a full range of analytical and physical soil testing services through certified independent testing labortories, as well as site preperation and excavation via affiliated contractors. This consolidates all aspects of a project and eliminates the need for any additional subcontracting.

Trucks entering AAA Landfarms Inc.
Unloading soil in remediation field